I32 Realistisk "Dummy" kamera med bevegelsessensor.


499 kr

  • FRAKT fra 89,-
  • LEVERING 3 - 7 dager
■ Fake sikkerhets kamera med bevegelsessensor og LED lys ■ Enkel installasjon, ingen ledninger er nødvendig ■ det perfekte gjør det selv kit ■ Metallic sølv farge for å gi den et mer autentisk ustseende

Realistisk dummy kamera med bevegelsesvarsling og LED lys for å fremtre som et aktivt sikkerhets kamera. Den rimeligste måten å skremme bort butikktyver.

Sometimes just the presence of security cameras prevents any harm or robbery from taking place. This realistic looking security camera comes with two important features that deceive a potential criminals mind. First, with its motion detection feature it will operate when someone or something passes in front of it, so the camera starts to pan left and right, making it appear as a working video surveillance camera. In addition, it also has a red LED activity light to make it appear like the camera is currently recording activity. With it realistic appearance and motion functions there is no way for anyone to know that they are looking at a fake!

■Product Description: Fake security camera with motion detection
■Casing Material: Hard molded ABS plastic
■Color: Metallic Silver
■Activity Indicator: YES - red LED light
■Panning: Yes - Automatic side to side
■Adjustable Tilt Angle: YES - manual tilt during initial setup
■Detection Distance: 1-2 meters
■Power Source: Battery Operated - 3x AA batteries (not included)
■Dimensions: 160 mm x 135mm x 50mm (L x W x H)
■Manufacturer Ref: D9A8261763C0

Product Notes

■Totally realistic looking
■ON/OFF switch
■After motion detection the unit pans for 15 seconds automatically
■Great option for business or even home entry security

Package Contents for Model I32

■Fake Security Video Camera
■Mounting Hardware

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

■Does this product record video?
NO. This is a genuine fake security camera meant to appear like a real surveillance video camera.
■Does this product automatically move?
This unit pans left and right when it detects motion, just like a real intelligent security camera.