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Fishing Game with Wooden Fish

  • High quality wooden game
  • Includes four wooden rods with magnetic bases
  • Multiple game variations to enjoy
  • Suitable for 2 – 4 players
  • Suitable for children aged 4+

A lovely version of the classic game of ‘Fishing’. Goula specialise in wooden games and puzzles and the Fishing Game is sure to become a favourite with young children.

The sturdy base of the box becomes the base of the ‘sea’ and cardboard, fold-up walls, go inside the base to give some height (approximately 21cm) to the edges of the fishing area. The base is decorated as the bottom of the sea with small fishes in the coral and weeds. The walls are decorated with larger fishes, dolphin and other aquatic creatures.

There are three x green, three x pink, three x yellow and three x blue chunky wooden fishes, each with a magnet – placed to look like an eye – on either side of their heads. Each colour is a different shape and pattern to add to the ‘fishing experience’. There is also a black wooden boot – the ‘booby’ prize for budding anglers! Two wooden fishing poles, complete with thin coloured rope and wooden (with magnet inside) ‘hook’ complete the set.

There are two game-plays described in the rules booklet: the first is a straightforward race – both player’s try to catch as many fish as possible. When they are all caught, the player with the most wins. The second game play is for each player to choose two colours. The first player to catch all their coloured fish is the winner. If a player catches the wrong colour fish it must be returned. In both game-plays, if a player catches the boot, they must put all their fish back in. As with a lot of games, the rules can be adapted to the experience, skill and age of the players to make it easier or harder. For example, to make it easier you might not include the boot; to make it more difficult you might make a rule that the players can’t look inside the fishing area, but just hope that they are getting the right colour fish. This game is a lot of fun for children aged 4+.


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