RC Speed ​båt - 30km/t


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RC Speed Båt
50 Meter rekkevidde
30 km/t Toppfart

RC Speed Boat with 8G Servo, 370 Motor along with a top speed of 30Km/h. Launch it within the water and let the fun commence!

Reaching a best speed of 30Km/h, the “Slice of Life” RC speed boat is able to carry out awesome maneuvers straight out on the box. Powered by a higher efficiency 370 kind motor and controlled by a complete size professional remote manage, the “Slice of Life” responds precisely for your controls and will blast by means of the water.

Using a control selection of 50 meters, this rapidly and maneuverable boat will cross the lake in no time and is even small sufficient to be utilized in a pool or pond. Crafted out of single piece of ABS, the “Slice of Life” has an optimized aerodynamic hull and detailed building. Overall, this remote handle boat is easy to work with and can guarantee you lots of outdoor exciting!

Maximum Speed: 30km/h
370 High Speed Racing Motor
Aerodynamic ABS Plastic Body
Twin Propeller Design with Metal Shafts
Left, Right, Forward, Backward
Remote Distance: About 50 Meters
Transmitter Power Source: 9V Battery (Included)
Speed Boat Power Source: 7.2V 650mah Li-ion Battery (Included)
Power Input: AC 220V-50Hz
Power Output: DC 7.2V 150mA
Running Time: 7 to 10 Minutes

Speed Boat dimensions: 290x90x80mm (L x W x D)
Speed Boat weight: 245g
Transmitter dimensions: 190x150x50 (L x W x D)
Transmitter weight: 195g

Product Notes
The warranty for RC toys is limited due to the nature of this type of product and its usage. Any physical damage that occurs after delivery will void the warranty.

Package Contents
RC Speed Boat
Transmitter (Product Specific)
Power Adapter (Product Specific)
Antenna (Product Specific)
User Manual (Product Specific)
Rechargable Battery (Product Specific)
9V Battery (Product Specific)
Ship Mount (Product Specific)